Monday, 23 May 2011

kriladesign at ‘La Bellezza delle cose’ expo / Ancona e Chiaravalle, june 11 – july 3

La bellezza delle cose - Ancona / Chiaravalle - 11 giugno, 3 luglio

LaBellezzadelleCose - Ancona/Chiaravalle, 11 giugno - 3 luglio

On May 24 at 12:00 we will be at the press conference for the expo ‘La Bellezza delle Cose’, who will take place in Ancona and Chiaravalle (AN) from june 11 to 3 july.

Organized by the industrial design association ADI, the expo comes with the aim to highlight the productive and projectual resources of Marche region’s industries, that means to focus on ideas, services, technologies who represents the well-known high standard qualities of  Marche’s industrial production.

Our products, made to combine productive quality, materials and the needs for energetic saving and a low impact on the environment, have been choose as an example of  a qualitative production who accept the challenges made by the technologic developpement.