Wednesday, 6 July 2011

kriladesign lamps at ‘La Bellezza delle Cose’: a final report

miniatura laBdelleC

We say ‘goodbye’ to  ’La Bellezza delle Cose’ expo of Chiaravalle (Ancona),  hoping that en event like that, fully-centered on the finest industry and technology Made in Marche,  may be repeated the next year. Kriladesign is gratefull to the organizers, the partners and all the people that have made this possible.

We advice you to read this comment from Daniela Piscitelli –  AIAP President – available on the official blog of  ’La Bellezza delle Cose’.

For us it has been a good chance to show what we do and what are our future projects, and the positive feedback that we have received give us even more enthusiasm to face the future challenges.

Enjoy some photos from our stand on (become our fan!)