Illuminating light

Leds are carachterized by a very high lighting efficency

Touching light, with no warming up

Light sources that prevent heat spread in the environment (lack of IR rays) and assure warm tonalities of white light (4000°K), perfect to obtain a glamorous, architectural or impact lighting.

Quality light

The high performance colors, their durability, the extreme brightness and definition of white light, the lack of UV rays radiation. These are the “ingredients” that allow to “taste” spaces, products, architectures, enlighted by our products and to experience tonalities, shapes and life quality

Light for the environment

Absence of quicksilver, lead and heavy metals assure a low environmental impact. The high durability of leds means less recycling and important efforts to protect nature

Light for the future

Long durability tests, more than 30 thousand hours, assure its function with 70 % of light performance up to 30 thousand hours use

Light for energy saving

The use of power leds and their continuous evolution in terms of lighting efficiency, represent the future for lighting sources. Nowadays it is already possible to substitute traditional light sources gaining a lowering of energy consumtion up to 70% (every exagonal element has a power of 2 watt and it is similar to a 12 watt traditional lamp)

Light for money saving

The almost endless life of led sources and their low energy consumption mean less maintenance costs and significant money saving