Link to light sources
Methacrylate (polimethacrylate), is the perfect material to be linked to led sources, since their high coefficient of light spread (92%) allows an almost complete
transparency; it is also possible to obtain the desired light effect thanks to the wise use of shapes and thickness

Physical aspects
Methacrylate is a light material and it has a crash resistance up to ten times more than glass, this allows the maximum flexibility also for the creation of high thickness shapes.
The product has an excellent resistance to scratches, abrasions and its self-cleaning surface doesn’t need particular maintenance.

Aesthetic aspects
Methacrylate can be transparent or colored in various different tonalities that remain stable in times, thanks to the UV protection. Its surface can be glazed, painted or coated by electrolytic process, allowing other interesting combinations with materials such as wood, ceramic, steel, ecc.

This material is completely recyclable; production wastes can be reused without any further treatment. The product can be named as “reusable” waste, assuring a complete environmental care.