Made in Italy patented lighting systems


Patented: here is the substantial adjective able to qualify our lighting systems and solutions: Research has always been the driving power of our business, through experimentation we find the answer to every need, as for the choice of materials and the functionality of our products.
“Patent” symbolizes added value, innovation, exclusivity, ability to satisfy clients and market, so strengthening competitiveness.

Our patented lighting systems are made to guarantee a product holding high-value craftsmanship, together with the naturalness and sobriety of a user-friendly light.

The concept of each lighting system positively and comprehensively meets major requirements: robustness and eco-sustainability of materials, quality and naturalness of lighting, a refined and sober design. All patented systems property of Kriladesign make use of a reflected and indirect light, so allowing the diffusion and extraction in a uniform way, avoiding the side effect of glare. In this way we can maximize the performance and confer to the light that extraordinarily natural tone, a perception, not at all artificial, conversely, so close to sunlight. Besides the ideal distribution of light, particularly in the management of outdoor projects, our attention focuses on the climatic and atmospheric factors as well, in order to let the device adequately and steadily react to the environment, to phenomena and meteorological variations.