Kriladesign is

Can an object turn into light? Yes, that’s exactly what happens in a project under the sign of Kriladesign. Our research discovers the ideal combination of material, design and light source aimed at creating exclusive patented systems and technological solutions. What’s amazing? The sensation that light does not come with the ON switch, but the object itself emanates light, naturally, as the sun does

  • design an artfully shaped object
  • technology an exclusive patented system
  • Made in Italy design lamps

    100%, in the making, in taste, in style.
  • natural like the sun
  • eco-friendly non-pollting, respecting Nature
  • Customizable made for your wishes and spaces
  • A reliable mate lasting over time, cutting consumption and costs


Lighting for indoor

Our light meets your space to unleash that unique power it owns: defining an atmosphere, establishing visual hierarchies, rationalizing environments, enhancing a detail.

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Lighting for outdoor

Our patented lighting systems dedicated to outdoor environments are scrupulously conceived to keep, and extend the natural light, to diffuse luminous wellness and to assure safety. Reliable, solid, taking care of nature and climate.

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Our ideal match between

methacrylate and LED light sources.


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Our light… where does it come from?

From a dream becoming an enterprise

from research becoming knowledge…