No, actually we’ve taken the liberty to edit Lavoisier’s famous law (sorry Antoine-Laurent!). And after all, there’s some kind of connection to our grandmas’ philosophy: "Let's not throw this away, let's keep it aside, you never know". So do we here at Kriladesign.

Beyond the common sense of things, we look at what "processing waste" could be, we catch its luminous possibilities and turn it into something else: a new light. We get there through research, feasibility study, craftsmanship, hand-making. It’s a matter of responsibility towards energy savings and valuable resources; of ethics, driving us to carry out the sustainable development of the microcosm in which we live; never omitting our own distinguishing aesthetics.

That’s where this mini collection comes from: a limited edition, the combination of eco-design and handicraft lighting.

Safe Image 5

Three small-sized models, easy to place in your space, small, but powerful in their own way,  right because of their essence: the re-use of waste wood, ennobled and reshaped, with the ecological LED soul enclosed in the PMMA, ecological and recyclable itself.

Price is sustainable as well, minute and limited, for those choosing to embrace our eco-constructive philosophy.

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