Ever thought that in such a green context nowadays, all of us are called to give a contribution to the reduction of our impact on the Planet?


At Kriladesign, we’ve been thinking about it for years! That’s why we chose to start our activity in the lighting sector with the use of LED (Light Emitting Diode).

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The light-emitting diode (LED) is a technology used for decades, but only lately it’s had a greater diffusion in the lighting market, thanks to the particularly high energy efficiency and the excellent durability. Having Led lamps in all environments is certainly the ecological choice letting us save on our bills, as electricity consumption is lower. Although the initial cost can be significantly higher than traditional lamps, the ratio cost/duration certainly benefits the new choice. And this aspect becomes crucial if you value the respect of the environment: lasting longer than any other light bulb, it clearly lowers special waste production, so we have an intelligent lighting system respectful friend of the Planet.

This green solution is bringing a lower environmental impact and a significant process of aesthetic evolution in the light sector. In this way lighting is not merely a necessity, but it turns into technology, research and a passport for the countless designers working to create brilliant artworks. The right light is now core issue in different areas, because we do know that well-lit environments influence, at a biological level, physical and psychological human well-being.

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Any Led lighting project can meet the demands of public and private, indoor and outdoor spaces. LEDs are used to exalt volumes and lines in architecture, interior design and decor, and their small size and versatility make them so much appreciated by architects, as they can easily play with these lighting bodies.

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The strong points and environmental sustainability of LED light are easy to see:

  1. - Energy saving


- Longer duration compared to other bulbs - The duration of the LEDs is clearly higher than old light bulbs one; you can also roughly know their life course, through a calculation based on how and how much this light source is daily used.

  1. - High luminous efficiency - The energy absorbed by the bulb is not dispersed through heat, but it is totally and rapidly transformed into light. Being immediately able to reach the maximum level of brightness without having to wait, LEDs are also ideal in places of passage, such as hallways, aisles.


- No pollution and no dangerous materials - Led lamps are free of all kinds of pollutants, such as metal halides and sodium vapors, which traditional ones usually spread. It is a clean light with excellent coverage of the visible color spectrum, but also lacking of ultraviolet and infrared rays. You can choose among different types of design led lamps, table lamps, pendant and portable with rechargeable battery. Ideal for private home solutions or also for contract sector.

  1. - Safety – Producing less heat than the traditional ones, it’s a safer option, since it reduces the risk of accidents when in contact with flammable material and burning when you touch it. This quality makes led light optimal for the insertion inside structures, made of materials such as plastic or wood.


  1. - Color and Dimmer - The beauty and functionality of LED lie in the fact that you can

choose within different shades of light: cold, natural or warm white; besides, Led luminous flux is adjustable from 0 to 100%, according to specific needs: softer in bedrooms or while watching TV, brighter while you work. That’s why, we’d better follow our personal taste and choosing according to their colors and saturation. Furthermore, being the LED a "smart light", it is so often used in automation and control systems, allowing just the necessary consumption.

Benefits and cuts on LED lighting are provided in different ways, both for individuals and companies, and allow to obtain major advantages and to repay the needed replacement intervention in a very short time.

See you soon for sharing more news and insights.

Team Kriladesign


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